A little about us

We are a small, family-run accountancy company based in Carlisle, Cumbria who places personal service at the top of the priority list. We love good chat over a cuppa, and we truly appreciate that not everyone has a base knowledge of finance – you’re good at what you do, stick to that, we can handle the rest (and we’ll hope to educate you a little along the way!).

As a company, we’ve been around since early 2011. But our experience and knowledge spans way further, collectively our team has been working in the industry for close to half a century. Nowadays, there aren’t many situation’s that surprise us and if you think your accountancy affairs are embarrassingly complicated – we can assure you, we’ve seen worse.

saving time, money & giving you peace of mind

The Ezyco Personal touch

Call us, email us, connect with us on socials – we’re here for you. You’re not a number or an excel line item to us, you’re a small business owner, a first-time director, a new start-up mogul or some other aspiring guru in need of a little help.

We want to hear your story, we want to chat about your ambition, the more we get to know you the better our service will be towards you.

That’s what it’s all about… Enabling you to recognise your dreams by understanding your thought process!

Ezyco Bespoke Pricing

Every one of our customers has different needs. From simple self-assessment processing, to dormant company account filing, to full company account management with payroll functionality. That’s why we don’t publish many of our price points, we’d rather assess your situation in full so that we can provide the best tailored service.

Your personal specialist

Circling back to our previous point, we want to get to know you. It’s true, we do, but how can we possibly expect to achieve a personal relationship if you’re a part of a shared CRM system where rep’s simply review notes to understand your unique circumstance? The answer is – it’s not possible.

With Ezyco you’re assigned a single account manager, that account manager will stay with you for your entire time with us. Thus, they have full scope and understanding and you know who to ask for when you call.


Get started early on your Self-Assessment and save yourself money in the long run

Other reasons our customers love us:

  • You have 24/7 access to all of your records and financial information with the click of a button via our secure Cloud accounting software.
  • We help you understand the work that we’re doing for you. We’re always happy to answer questions and explain why we do things the way we do.
  • We drastically reduce your admin and paperwork.
  • We’ve adopted a robust system to ensure that your payroll and tax calculations are accurate and submitted on time.
  • We appreciate that your time is precious, we assure you that we’ll work quietly in the background, only ever bothering you if we truly need your input.
  • A lot of our services are done as telephone consultancy in real time – efficiency works for all parties involved.
  • You can cherry pick from our services. We don’t want you paying for accountancy package features that you don’t need, take what will benefit you and nothing more. We’ll assign fees around your bespoke package.
  • Your fee structure will remain fixed and full transparent, no bolt-on’s or surprises throughout the year.





Carlisle Cumbria

Carlisle Cumbria