Accounts for limited companies

Audits may be a thing of the past, but certain annual reportsstill apply. All companies are legally obliged to file statutory accounts on an annual basis with HMRC as part of their company tax return. These are prepared from your financial records before being reported at your financial year-end. Your statutory accounts should include: A …

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2017 Autumn Budget

OUR 2017 AUTUMN BUDGET REVIEW Chancellor Philip Hammond said he’d take a“balanced approach” to his second Budget of 2017.Once again the speech was light on headline-grabbing finance changes and there were no ‘giveaways’ ormajor surprises.Instead, the chancellor focussed on measures toprepare the economy for post-Brexit life.  Raising productivity is key to boosting economicgrowth and wages, …

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Payroll issues for employers

A guide for employers on topical payroll issues. Employers need to keep an eye on changes affecting payroll so all employees have the right amount of tax deducted under PAYE. This is a round-up of the latest payroll-related developments.

Planning your retirement

Whatever your age, it’s never too late to start saving to retire. It’s more important than ever to start your retirement planning from an early age, however dull a prospect that may sound to younger generations. Putting money into a pension each month will provide you with a regular income once you retire.

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