What is a UTR Code?

What is a UTR code? Who needs one, and when will I need it?

If you’re setting up your limited company, or starting out as self-employed, you’ll come across the initials UTR. But what do they mean?

UTR stands for Unique Taxpayer Reference, and each is a ten-digit number unique to the individual or organization it’s given to. If you’re submitting your self-assessment tax returns, it’s this number you’ll use to make sure it’s filed for the correct person, you!

If you start a limited company, another UTR will be assigned, that’s because the company is its own legal entity and pays separate tax as a corporation i.e. it is a unique tax payer itself. Sounds confusing, but it’s not really. If you’re the director of a limited company you’ll have two UTR’s to keep a record of, one for you personally and one for the company for its tax obligations. 

You’ll receive your UTR once you register for self-assessment as an individual, or registering a limited company for corporation tax. Once you receive it, it’s yours for life (or the life of your company).

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What is UTR Code

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